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Smart Property Advice for 2017

Change brings Opportunity

  • USA Interest Rates Increasing
  • Australia to Follow?
  • Have Sydney & Melbourne Peaked?
  • Has Perth Market Hit Bottom?

What`s Your Strategy for 2017?

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  • Invest for Cash Flow?
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  • $130,000 NRAS Tax Free Govt Cash?
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New Properties at Wholesale Prices!

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  • or Purchase & Develop for Profit?
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  • Personal Investment?
  • or via SMSF?
  • Strategies to Assist Your Children
  • Downize for lifestyle & Profit

What`s Your Strategy for 2017?

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Current Projects

NRAS with Tax Free Government Cash

  • $130,000 NRAS Tax Free Government Cash
  • Purchase at Discount to Sworn Valuation
  • Purchase with Bank Loan
  • or Share NRAS Tax Free Govt Cash (no Loan)

Development Projects on ReZoned Lots

  • Purchase at Wholesale Price
  • or Purchase & Develop for Profit
  • or Purchase & Develop for Cash Flow
  • or Share Development Profit (no loan)


Profit from NRAS as Perth Evolves

Your chance to profit as Perth evolves into a Vibrant International City.

The Western Australian Planning Commission has initiated a fundamental shift in the future Lifestyle for Perth residents via it`s Directions 2031 Housing Strategy.

At the core of the Housing Strategy is increased housing density in areas close to Major Transport Links and Major Activity Centres (shopping and employment centres).

This is being done by amending the Zoning in these locations to allow for Boutique Medium Density Housing to replace existing low density housing.

There is a substantial pent up, or latent, demand from Singles, Couples without Children and Downsizers for this type of accommodation.

We have a good selection of Projects and Properties in locations where this demand is high.

Smart Investors will profit from this opportunity.