Development Profit for Smart Investors


Go It Alone

Select a Project

  • Battleaxe, Duplex, Triplex or Over 55`s Project
  • Smart Owners of ReZoned Lots
  • Develop Your Lot
  • Total Cost $150,000 to $600,000 (excludes value of your Lot)
  • Smart Investors
  • Select from our List of Boutique Development Projects
  • Total Cost $700,000 to $1.2M (includes land cost)

Make your Investment

  • Turn Key Service
  • Personalised Site Selection (or use your own ReZoned Lot)
  • Feasability, Design, Approval, Contract Tender
  • Construction Management, Pre & Post Sales, Finance

Track your Project

  • Personal Reports from Start to Finish
  • Construction Progress
  • Valuation Updates
  • Pre Sales Progress
  • Profit Updates

Sell for Profit

  • Project Completed
  • All Sales Settled
  • Independent Accountants Report
  • Review Final Profit Calculations
  • Receive Your Profit Share     


Hold for Income & Growth

  • Project Completed
  • Equity Created
  • Enhanced Rental Yield
  • 4% on Market Value
  • 5% on your Cost

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