SMSF Investors

Profit as Perth Evolves

For SMSF Investors

  • Create Instant Equity
  • Buy a Newly Rezoned Lot
  • Develop and Sell for Profit
  • Develop and Hold for Income & Growth
  • Buy at Wholesale Price
  • Invest in a Development Project
  • Share Development Profit
  • Share Land Banking Profit
  • High Capital Growth Locations
  • Newly ReZoned Locations

Buy and Develop a Newly ReZoned Lot

Your chance to profit from your own Boutique Medium Density Residential Development

  • Newly ReZoned Locations
  • Bottom of the Property Cycle
  • Competition for Development Sites Low
  • Building Rates at Rock Bottom

Projects are typically between three and eight Villas, Townhouses or Apartments.

Total project costs range from $1.2m to $2.5m.

  • Develop & Sell for Profit
  • Develop & Hold for Income & Growth

Full Turn Key Service

  • Set Your Budget
  • Project Selection
  • Feasibility and Profit Calculation
  • Finance
  • Development Approval
  • Construction Management & Reporting
  • Pre and Post Sales
  • Property Management Advice


Share Development Profit

Your chance to share in the profit from Boutique Medium Density Residential Development Projects in newly reZoned locations.

Projects are typically between three and eight Villas, Townhouses or Apartments.

Total project costs range from $1.2m to $2.5m.

Detailed Information Available for Each Project;

  • Location & Suburb Research
  • Project Summary & Brochures
  • Plans & Specifications
  • Financial Information

Minimum Investment Typically $50,000


Buy a Property at Wholesale Price

  • Select a Project
  • Select a Property
  • Specify Your Design Requirements
  • Secure Your Property Before Construction
  • Purchase at Wholesale Price (Discount to Sworn Valuation)
  • Sell for Profit
  • Hold for Income & Growth

Share Land Banking Profit

  • Review Our List of Rezoned Lots
  • Make a Selection
  • Purchase the Rezoned Property (Sole Owner) or;
  • Join others to Invest in the ReZoned Property
  • Receive Rent and Tax Benefits
  • Sell or Develop for Profit

High Capital Growth Locations

Project locations are carefully selected for Future Capital Growth;

  • Established Suburbs with Mature Infrastructure
  • Close to Transport
  • Close to Employment
  • Close to Shopping
  • Close to Medical
  • Close to Leisure Facilities

Smart Investors will profit from these High Capital Growth Locations

Profit as Perth Evolves

Your chance to profit as Perth evolves into a Vibrant International City.

The Western Australian Planning Commission has initiated a fundamental shift in the future Lifestyle for Perth residents via it`s Directions 2031 Housing Strategy.

At the core of the Housing Strategy is increased housing density in areas close to Major Transport Links and Major Activity Centres (shopping and employment centres).

This is being done by amending the Zoning in these locations to allow for Boutique Medium Density Housing to replace existing low density housing.

There is a substantial pent up, or latent, demand from Singles, Couples without Children and Downsizers for this type of accommodation.

Smart Investors will Profit from this Opportunity.