Profit as Perth Evolves

For Warwick Homeowners

  • Sell Your Rezoned Lot for Profit
  • Build Apartments, Villas or Townhouses
  • Build and Sell for Profit
  • Build and Hold for Income
  • Downsize to Apartment, Villa or Townhouse
  • Strategies to Assist Your Children
  • Strategies to Assist Your Parents

Warwick ReZones

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  • Your Property Analysed
  • New Warwick ReZoning Rules
  • Warwick Recent Sales
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  • Suburb Profile & Statistical Analysis


    Develop For Profit

    Your chance to Profit from Boutique Medium Density Residential Development

    Projects are typically between three and eight Villas, Townhouses or Apartments.

    Total project costs range from $600,000 to $1.3m.

    We Assist You and Manage Your Project from Start to Finish

    • Develop a Strategy
    • Feasibility Report (Financial Analysis)
    • Design Service
    • Council Development Approval (DA) Service
    • Building Contract Tender Process (3 Builders)
    • Construction to Completion (issue of Titles)
    • Pre Sales and Post Sales
    • Finance
    • Investors

    Investors for Your Project

    We can provide Investors to Join You

    • Less Cash Required from You
    • Reduced Bank Finance Amount

    Sell Your Rezoned Lot for Profit

    • We have Investors ready to buy your ReZoned Lot.
    • We will appraise the value of your property based on its Development Potential.
    • You will achieve maximum value for Your ReZoned Lot.

    Smart Strategies

    Downsizing & Retirement

    • Develop Your ReZoned Lot
    • Move into Your New Townhouse, Villa or Apartment
    • Rent Your remaining Dwellings for Income
    • Sell Your remaining Dwellings for Profit

    Assist Your Parents

    • Provide New Dwelling to Your Parents
    • Sell New Dwelling to Your Parents
    • Rent New Dwelling to Your Parents

    Assist Your Children

    • Provide New Dwelling to Your Children
    • Sell New Dwelling to Your Children
    • Rent New Dwelling to Your Children

    Profit as Perth Evolves

    Your chance to profit as Perth evolves into a Vibrant International City.

    The Western Australian Planning Commission has initiated a fundamental shift in the future Lifestyle for Perth residents via it`s Directions 2031 Housing Strategy.

    At the core of the Housing Strategy is increased housing density in areas close to Major Transport Links and Major Activity Centres (shopping and employment centres).

    This is being done by amending the Zoning in these locations to allow for Boutique Medium Density Housing to replace existing low density housing.

    There is a substantial pent up, or latent, demand from Singles, Couples without Children and Downsizers for this type of accommodation.

    Smart Landowners will Profit from this Opportunity.